Not as tightly woven as our other wool. Every dye pot yields beautiful wool for your stash – even the accidents eventually get used somewhere. b) Do they need to be felted? One question: is it always necessary to wash wool off the bolt before using it? November 2012 I wish I could see the expression on your face when you open the dryer and pull out that beautiful, soft wool, that is now the just the color you needed!That’s it – you’re done! I loved this post and found it most helpful. Then click the speaker icon to listen to the narrative the slide.Let’s get started . Remember, the vinegar is a mordant, helping to move the dye from the water into the wool and setting in the color. August 2014 You can pin it or just roll as you go. Now that I know of your store, I will definitely be stopping in to meet you and see what wonderful woolen treasures you have. Thanks for this, Christine......your best blog yet! I had it on while I attended rug school and it garnered many compliments and comments because as we all know, hookers love wool. May 2018 Be sure yourenamel pots have no chips inside – the metal beneath the enamel can interfere with the dye process and create unwanted spots on the wool.So if you have an old enamelware or stainless pot around, start with that. Think of the time your sweater was thrown in the dryer and it came out the size for a doll. Great to over dye. Marrying wool – simply put, that means to put a bunch of wools of similar colors into a pot, let the colors bleed out for a while, mingle around in the water, and then put the married color from the water back into the wool to produce several wools who’s colors are now closer to one another and can be used in the same project.You can use this method for properly prepared recycled wool or for as-is, off the bolt wool. One by one, cut out motifs are placed on a weave. August 2016 I came across an acrylic felt blanket. What does it mean when you say your wool is felted? I just through two garbage bags full of woll. This is 100% wool fabric and it has been felted for you and is ready for your rug hooking or wool applique projects. Critters, moth larvae etc can lurk inside—you do not want to expose your carpet or other hooking wool to these garments until you clean them. My friend Bonnie calls them ‘happy accidents.’ With the help of these instructions, you’ll have less accidents (happy or not) and more success as you begin your overdyeing. That’s because thick lines of felt take up about half the dye. Most rug hookers and rug hooking shop owners I have met are very friendly and willing to share their knowledge. Okay – there are a couple of ways that you can change the colors of wool without commercial dyes. Because of the differences in the way each fabric felted, the sizes of each piece are different. Also keep in mind that you will be lifting this pot when it’s filled with very hot water and wet wool. July 2013 May 2013 February 2015 December 2018 May 2015 Single. October 2012, All First, thousands of design motifs are cut using cutting tools. Process., step-by-step and why by why so I’m always asking myself: And why not use that for stuffing/felting project while you are at it. Select options. 100% Pre Felted Wool. Buy more wool? Cut up used wool clothing for wool strips for rug hooking. Rug Schools Or where is the best mill to buy it? Yes. The chemist in me has to analyze Every. 1. Some formulas are intended to overdye ½ yard, while others might do more or less. Cover the pot again and allow the vinegar to set the dye into the wool. It means that I have washed the wool so it has shrunk. New Ideas You pull strips of wool cloth, usually recycled clothing, washed , dried , and torn apart through a burlap or linen backing loop by loop. Plus, I often use red and green together in the same rug because they complement one another.So, pick a dye formula and some wool to overdye. This would be a spectacular applique base. Yes, you need to wash the wool off the bolt to felt it (shrink it) so the weave is tighter and won't fray as much as it would unwashed. Fill your sink or a plastic tub in your sink with hot water. November 2019 November 2016 October 2017 Hooking Groups So my question is this: what do I do with all of these sweaters to turn them into a hooked rug? Welcome to this segment of the Complete Rug Hooker power point series. Rants This was great info! Featured Hooker Search this website. January 2013 I encourage you to take the plunge if you've never tried dyeing wool before – it’s not difficult and doesn't have to be expensive. If you color with the same marker over a blue piece of paper, what do you see? Rug hookers want and need this to happen – it’s called fulling. February 2013 Be safe!Fill the pot about 2/3 of the way full with warm tap water and put it on the stove. Use just the rinse cycle and cold water to rinse and spin the wool – this removes any dye that might wash out (not much will) and also eliminates the vinegar smell.Then you can tumble dry the wool in your dryer as explained in slide 5, using a bath towel and a fabric softener sheet to help fluff and dry the wool. Continue to check like this until the water is clear. Giveaway Draw 42 years hooking! And unless you like technicolor hands, wear rubber gloves while preparing your dye formulas and during the dyeing process.Always follow the manufacturers directions when handling and preparing dye – there are several acid-reactive dyes available that can be used to dye wool: Cushing, Aljo, and ProChem are the most widely used.Prepare your dye according to the dye color formula you have chosen. Measures approximately: 16" X 26". The Rant Mike Little is the third generation of his family to operate the mill and his sons work there with him. I am now ready to get started. You can find many great books containing dye recipes or formulas. )After 30 minutes, use that white spoon to check how much dye remains in the water. Christmas April 2014 Let’s talk a minute about dye pots.I use an old enamelware spaghetti pot in which to soak my wool and I use both stainless steel and enamelware pots for overdyeing. What a wonderful lesson in wool. Use precautions when working with acid-reactive dyes. When I inquired from some about what is taught in beginner class it seems learning about wool is still overlooked. I've been stewing over it ever since. December 2017 If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Rememberingfbe7326ff7 Rug hooking today typically uses strips of wool of varying width (1/32 to 1/2 of an inch) that are pulled through a stiff woven backing (burlap, linen, or rug warp) with a tool (rug hook) to form loops. Now you can prepare your dye. Pattern Of The Week November 2014 February 2016 Tips Techniquef0cd117ab4 The results will be a bit less predictable, but well worth the effort – which really isn’t that much. March 2018 I have selected this picture and that, from off of the internet, with the intention of tweeking and combining the images for my imagined design. March 2014 This tightens the fibers and helps prevent fraying for people that do wool appliqué and rug hooking. September 2013 When the wool is cool, gently wring some of the water out of it and take it to your washing machine. Health & Fitness For example, if I have a really bright red wool and I want to tone it down, I put it in the dye pot with some green dye (it’s complement) and I end up with a duller, less bright red wool. Immediately stir the mixture with a plastic fork or a small wire whisk until the dye is completely dissolved. a) Is it even possible to use sweater material for rug hooking? Spinning at the end of the cycle will not hurt your wool. Get to know each color’s complementary color (these are in opposite positions on the color wheel.) I like to minimize my own exposure to the stuff that falls out of a used garment — although I do make a habit of checking pockets for junk that I don’t want in my machine and on the wool, like tissue, matches, or whatever. If your felted rug comes out too small, but close like mine did, stretch and pin and repeat. October 2016 It also fluffs the wool so the loops fill in the space better. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Might you be aware of this?? Rebecca Erb Wool Studio A simple color wheel can help with that understanding – you can get one in most art supply stores, or find one on the internet. The weaver starts at one end. 100% wool fabric, milled dyed. When drying your wool in the dryer we use a warm setting. When you begin color planning a new project, you can select and overdye wool from your stash to achieve the colors you need.You can also buy wool yardage, off-the-bolt, and prepare it in the same way I will describe next. I just started my first rug and went shopping at the fabric store for wool. Nope – overdye it! The vinegar is a mordant, helping to move the dye from the water into the wool and setting in the color. Before you know it, you’ll have 2 and 3 pots going on the stove at once. I purchased a hook and attended a 30 minute Lunch 'n Learn with a wonderful hooker from Bridgetown. You can put a tennis ball or dryer ball in with your wool if you would like. February 2019 I always rip my wool into fat quarters before soaking them. Think of the time your sweater was thrown in the dryer and it came out the size for a doll. c) Can you cut them into (vertical) strips? Read more... Search this Site. If you still see a fair amount of color in the water, give the pot another shot of vinegar, stir it, and let it simmer another 15 minutes. The following slides give you an example of what's needed & how to do some simple dye-bath overdyeing. Don’t confuse this process with ‘felting’, which is the extreme process of making the wool surface harder and thicker, like the wool you use in making penny rugs or other appliqué work. Let the dye-pot simmer for 30 more minutes (some dyers only simmer with vinegar for 15 minutes, but to be sure your wool is color fast, you should leave it another 30 minutes. World: Kapok - Market Report. January 2014 Roll the empty foundation fabric over towards the front. Overdyeing with commercial dyes, as well as altering the colors of wool without dyes and formulas is covered in this part of the series. Made in India, these rugs are truly a labor of love. For example, red and yellow are slower to be absorbed than blue and green.When the water has cleared, you are ready to move on. Life's Experiences May 2017 Life's Experiences Grey is not my best colour but I wore it almost every day until it got too warm this summer. April 2013 July 2018 Put the red and green together in the pot, and let them marry. Always use the same set of measuring spoons when overdyeing if you want to reproduce a color you have overdyed in the past. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. July 2019 We use 100% felted wool. Looking for the instructions (apparently published a few years back)for designing one's own plaid???? Thanks so much this is very good information. Guest Blogger How do you fix that? 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Overdyeing Wool
A primer to preparing and overdyeing wool for rug hooking
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. February 2020 November 2013 A simple analogy is this: if you have a white piece of paper and you color on it with a red marker, the color you see is the exact red of the marker. March 2020 Cover the pot again and allow the vinegar to set the married color back into the wool. Then the process is repeated over and over. Unless you are beginning with white wool, the colors that are already in your wool are going to affect the color formula to some degree. September 2019 GREAT information!! Fine wools are okay but you can’t cut them in the narrow cuts as they just fall apart. :). August 2017 It is excellent for rug hooking. October 2019 Yes! New Design We specialize in hand dyed felted wool fabric and velvet for use in fabric arts, rug hooking and wool appliqué quilts. Eventually, with prolonged mechanical action, the fibers become entangled and locked together, causing the fabric to shrink. September 2015 March 2016 You want to constantly be building your stash of wool of all colors! January 2016 If you want more even color, stir the wool around the pot when you add the wool, and again several times throughout the dye process.Now, cover the pot and leave it to simmer for 30 minutes. Now place your pieces of wool into the pot and keep pushing the wool down into the water until it is soaked through.Cover the pot and leave it to simmer for 15-30 minutes – you can stir the wool around every 10 minutes or so and check to see that the wool is releasing color. Customer Rugs Select options. Post Categories. Keep in mind that this is the way I do it, but there are many other methods and ideas you can try. If it is not under the water, it is not going to absorb the dye.For primitive, mottled color, stir the wool only when it first goes into the pot. You have made the mystery of wool so much easier...the 13oz info I had never heard....thank you...thank you! Squeeze the water though the wool for a few minutes, and then allow the wool to remain in the tub for a good soak while you prepare the dye pot.Here’s a tip! You can also get this pattern mailed to you. We had to buy this since we have a moose (or two) in our yard on a regular basis! Much gratitude and many thanks! June 2017 This is a denser wool and you will be able to hook as low as a 4 cut. Goodwill and local thrift shops are a great source for gathering wool to recycle for rug hooking. Fat quarters of wool are much easier to handle when overdyeing. Then, check the wool to see if it ‘s the color intensity you want. Next, remove zippers, buttons, and any other decorations, then I wash the garment with the other seams intact. How do we make our cut felt rugs? Use precautions when working with acid-reactive dyes. October 2015 Or, let’s say you need a variety of red wool for your project. Always wear heavy, heat-resistant gloves to prevent being burned when handling the wool from the dye bath. Felted wool seems to take a lot longer to air dry than anything I have blocked before. I’m a traditional rug hooker. October 2014 You actually learned a lot of these in grade school. July 2015 We also carry a variety of wool kits, notions and books. However, once you use them for overdyeing, only use them for overdyeing -- do not use them again for food preparation, with the exception of your sink and stove, of course.Take a minute to jot down this list – now is a good time to start a dyer’s journal. What I avoid is twill plains...they are woven in a 3/1 and because of this are "weaker" than plain...or tabby (2/2). I left it out in the sun for a full day. A definite go to piece for rug hooking or wool applique. I am, as ever, your happy everything: customer, friend, learner, overwhelmed - printing this out - what a treasure - thank you SO much. Copyright Get the pdf rug hooking pattern. May 2019 Wool is just plain wonderful, but lots of other fibers hook up well, again, as long as they are not slippery. Turn the flame down to keep the water temperature at the simmer point. Obviously, you have a color in mind when you set out to overdye. Always keep dye away from food and drinks, and cover nearby surfaces to protect them from dry dye and spills. I am a new hooker who started without the benefit of a beginner class. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. It works wonderfully! When the color looks right, add about 1/3 of a cup of white vinegar to the pot and stir thoroughly. May 2016 November 2017 Add some Synthropol or another surfactant like Jet Dry for automatic dishwashers. July 2016 May I have your permission to print this out and share with new hookers? Always wear heavy, heat-resistant gloves to prevent being burned when handling hot, wet wool. ... wool creations, and learning how to spin the wool from our sheep. Measure the dyes precisely. November 2020 I think you will be quite surprised when you see how much the wool has changed and how well they work together. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Although a cute video from "Shades of Heather" shows her cutting up a "jumper" which does not even appear to be felted. August 2013 Knock Knock $ 12.00 – $ 36.00. Can I make part of my rug with a rug hook, and the rest of it with a punch needle? Felted woolen yarn rugs are made from felted New Zealand wool. The pot should be large enough that the wool can move around during dyeing. Ifa particular wool is a bit thick to start with, one that you washed incold water, then put it into the dryer for just a little while to fluff it, and then hang it to dry the rest of the way. Just A Bit Of Fun! Buy expertly crafted and hand-dyed wool fabric for use in fabric art: rug hooking, rug braiding, wool applique, quilts, penny rugs, soft sculpture, doll making, and clothing. Love, Anne Marie. Lady Anne $ 12.00 – $ 36.00 . Once you try it, I am sure you'll want to experiment with other methods, for different results. July 2017 Pets Patterns Hooked Remove the wool as soon as the wash cycle completes. What an AWESOME blog piece!! November 2018 Stay tuned for more in this series of Rug Hooking presentations by Sally Van Nuys of Folk 'n' Fiber. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. June 2020 If the color seems too light, just cover the pot and let it simmer a little longer. . . Keep them in the plastic bags in your car trunk or garage until you are ready to wash them. Wish I had known this when I first started building my stash. Guest Blogger d) If so, why don't they unravel when you cut them? And, upon entering the kitchen, your family will become accustomed to the smell and just know that dinner is going to be late and that there’s not chili in those pots!