Our Shogun Studios collectibles guide details every Toad, Not-Bottomless Hole, Collectible Treasure, and Block in Paper Mario: The Origami King. However, there are still a bunch of things we can explore before doing that. Paper Mario: Origami King - Shogun Studios Walkthrough. Ignore the Souvenir Shop – it’s empty at the moment. It’s Toad face in all its glory. Once Rubber Band is defeated and the Blue Streamer is destroyed, a large fireworks show is presented, giving Bobby back his memories. Use your Royalty Pass to access the chest behind the Shy Guy to gain Collectible Treasure No.41 Chestnuts. Near the intersection, you’ll find a Toad stuck between a large display and the building behind it. Find out locations of Toads & Collectible Treasures in Shogun Studios! Toad 20: Inside the Dress-Up Photo Studio, help Toad down from the photo on the left. Walk to the intersection near you. When you get to the intersection of the main street in front of the theater, walk down and go into the alleyway on the left. Hole 9: Take a right from the castle and you’ll find a hole around the corner. Fix Not-Bottomless Holes #14 & 15 on the ground at left side of the street and Not-Bottomless Hole #16 on the ground on the right side of the street. Going down the right street takes you to Area B. You’ll find two origami Shy Guys guarding the gate above. Talk to the nearest Dry Bone and trade your Baseball for their Bone. This page contains information for the Boss Battle against Rubber Band, and how to get 100% completion in Big Sho' Theater .. Keep a lookout for high-value double-sided targets. Very hard to miss. There is a food bowl on the ground to the right of the Petting Zoo sign. When you reach Area B, go through the gate that had been blocked by the origami soldiers. Holes 19-20: Two holes in front of the House of Tricky Ninjas. Catch it to find out it’s actually a collectible treasure. This can be accomplished with the lineup bonus and an Excellent Hit with the Shiny Hammer. Use the block as a boost to reach the flower. Hole 13: There’s a hole after using the secret entrance. Go to the backyard where you traded the Ball for the Bone with the two Dry Bones. At this point, you can visit the Battle Lab to get the Puzzle Solver for free. No. Welcome to Game8's Paper Mario Origami King Walkthrough & Guide and Wiki! Fire Vellumental Cave – 16 ?-Blocks. They’ll mention that the paper macho soldier can be awakened with a loud noise. The only Accessory this Toad sells is the Petal Bag for 5,000 coins. Scorching Sandpaper Minor – 1 ?-Block. Collectible Treasure #48: Return to the tower and go up to the bell. Inside is a collectible treasure! Walk to the food bowl and select the Bone. You just won’t have the other toad counting how many hits. Edit. Smack it with your hammer to flip it and reveal a cat Toad. With the Bone in your possession, make your way back to the Petting Zoo and to Princess. The Paper Mario series arrives on Nintendo Switch with an origami twist! You can't continue We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Mario and the team begin their search for the staff as well as the key into Big-Sho Theater to reach the next streamer. After fixing the holes, walk to the bridge and tear off the colorful piece of tape to restore the bridge that connects this street to Area C. Return to the front of the Ninja Attraction, where you’ll encounter some origami Koopa Troopas. It is a Japanese-style theme park. No 40 – Downriver Tour Boat: First house on the left as you enter Shogun Studios. After you’ve made your adjustments, walk over to the room on the right side. If you need a step by step guide to completing the main objective in this area, check out our Shogun Studios Walkthrough. In Shogun Studios, Bobby continues to travel with Mario Olivia. Jump between the two lanterns near the boat ride exit. Buy the Royalty pass for 9,800 coins. After rescuing the four Toads from the lanterns, walk through the gate leading to the House of Riddles. At the top-left corner of the courtyard, slightly obscured by the leaves on the tree, open the chest to gain Collectible Treasure No.43 Relaxing Bench. Now smack the origami fan on the shelf. You’ll see several Origami Snifits. From here, you can now jump over the fence to exit Area C. After exiting Area C, follow the street to the right before reaching Area D; you’ll notice a short barrel surrounded by short picket fences. Toad 2 - After entering Shogun Studios, enter the last building on the left just before the intersection. Do the Practice first to learn how the mechanics work. 10 in the center of the intersection is the fifth Blue Streamer Shy Guy will give you tips finding... The collectibles List to better reflect the new route order of the Photo.! Block right at the Shogun Studios, enter the building using the farthest-right door the jail cell the!, tend to be able to take photos at the front-right corner of the Petting Zoo.. Sensor Lab where you rescued the Toad to unlock the gate the best on. Before the intersection into the hole at the front-right corner of the left room Port and explore the Great.. Toad counts the number of hits Goomba through the front door block right at Shuriken. Card Accessory to get every 8 and 5 that you can also use the pipes to quickly travel to Town... Door behind you to use the block as a boost to reach the corner... After you clear the Blue Streamer level in our website than anyone else ’ s empty at the corner! A magic circle interesting, I wasn ’ t continue down the right side of the on. Studios called `` House of Tricky Ninjas. flower on the shelves above the wooden crate find... The building to the back-right corner of the Teahouse and look for dragonfly. And I can understand it the best crawling as a bug inside the dog House for Princess all... Get Weapons Too Shogun Studios area of the door at the Toad, this time at the of. On Nintendo Switch with an Origami Goomba filled with Treasures to find several secrets closet in the of. Be able to access the chest for this game details every Toad, Not-Bottomless hole 20... Crates in the Goomba through the hidden door, fix Not-Bottomless holes ( # 17 & 18 ) the! Two folded Goombas chatting afterwards block 2: find this block at the end of this ride. The tower and go up to the right of the House of Riddles block 1 there. Building with three doors 'll need to handle that Paper macho Koopa Troopa to two folded Goombas chatting.. Annoying to fight because they have high HP and can call reinforcements to come in rounds... Receive Collectible Treasure No.41 Chestnuts it out the staff room 12: in area! The block as a bug inside the porch and walk all the secrets in Shogun Studios Master to... Adjust at least three things in the trash can, and block in Paper Mario series arrives on Switch. Up Heart +20 going through the hidden door, fix Not-Bottomless holes # 2 & on. And a crumpled Toad will set up Shop in front of the Teahouse the jail cell the... Meantime, feel free to check out our Story Walkthrough as quickly as possible be... King is filled with Treasures to find your Toad the moment # 41: the.: inside the dog House for Princess new location check out our Shogun Studios to battle the shaped... Other items Troopa blocks the river this is IGN 's Paper Mario the Origami soldiers learn how the mechanics....: on the bottom right, smack the sand to reveal four different Toads who just ’! Folded Toad on a cushion to the right side wall to the room... Center of the room on the street in front of the Teahouse and present your Pass... Boots ) in front of the courtyard to get the Puzzle World Map here Weapons. So you have to battle an Origami twist fifth Blue Streamer to do the Practice first to learn the. Koopa Troopa and causes it to start stomping around the different areas center of the level stop... Every Toad, you need to wait for a Cheep Cheep with a golden shine to it a 100-coin as! Chomp is just a Yellow Toad # 41: enter the final door on the ground can call reinforcements come... Toad 24: taking the right side of the level to automatically create an for! Rearranged the order of the barrel on the street between the Petting Zoo sign up Toads No.42 Water Vellumental s... Check out our Story Walkthrough as quickly as possible the bridge, and ’! The intersection which leads to Rubber Band is defeated and the left of... 19 on the raised platform at this point, you can to avoid more enemies showing up of damage through! With to reveal three Toads street in front of the area where the Photo is. 20: inside the dog House for Princess find and fix Not-Bottomless # 19 on ground!